Sweet Aroma

“I urge you to meditate on Christ, as a piece of scented
substance that was perfumed in heaven. It does not matter
what you have in your house; this shall make it like the
fragrance like Paradise–shall make it smell like those breezes
that once blew through Eden’s garden, carrying the odor of
flowers. Ah! there is nothing that can so console your spirits,
and relieve all your distresses and troubles, as the feeling that
now you can meditate on the person of Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Sweet Shot Day

You can see more pictures of our pollination project here.


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3 thoughts on “Sweet Aroma

  1. Magnificent pictures and words, dear Becky!!

  2. Wow, what great pictures and that quote. Incredible…

  3. Beautiful! The photos and the inspiring words.

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