The Color of Princesses



I love having “Carnation Pink” around me all day long!

Is carnation pink your favorite color?


Soli Deo Gloria

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10 thoughts on “The Color of Princesses

  1. I would love to be able to use your pictures on my blog! Thank you so much for offering!

    On another note, I saw that you sign your post Soli Deo Gloria, which happens to be the name of my link-up on Tuesdays. Just wanted to extend an invitation to join us. If you want more info, you can go to:

  2. I watched my oldest paint her nails today and remembered how she loved for me to paint her tiny fingernails pink.

  3. Cute shots! I am also participating in Project 64. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh this is great! Nice color find…love that you found this in your everyday life! Thanks for linking up with us! Hope you keep coming back!

  5. with three girls in my home..Pink is the one!!!

  6. That second shot is perfect. My girls love to do their nails too.

  7. So cute! I agree that all princesses love pink! 🙂

  8. Awww!!!! My girlies and I just did that last night… but it makes me want to rush home from work and spend the time again. It’s so much fun! The shots are great! I don’t know why on earth I have never thought to take pictures of that!

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