A Castle in Vaux, France

“George MacDonald tells of a castle in which lived an old man and his son. Though they owned the castle, they were yet very poor. They could scarcely get enough bread to keep them from starving. Yet all the time there was great wealth, which, if they had known about it, would have supplied all their wants. Through long generations there had been concealed within the castle—very valuable jewels, which had been placed there by some remote ancestor, so that if he or any of his descendants should be in need, there would be something in reserve.

For a long time the old man and his son suffered for lack of food, not knowing of the hidden treasures. At last, however, they learned in some way of the jewels, and instantly their distress was ended. Yet all the years of their pinching poverty, these treasures had lain there, ready to furnish comfort, if only they had known of them.

This story illustrates the case of many Christians. They are living in their Father’s house, in which are concealed the rich treasures of Divine love. Yet many of God’s children seem not to know of these treasures, and live in distress. There really never is any reason why a child of God should worry about anything.

We have this teaching in plainest words in the Sermon on the Mount. Christ gives a number of strong reasons for not worrying.”

Read the rest of J. R Miller’s (1894)  words here


Soli Deo Gloria

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