Hey, Look Up There!

Soli Deo Gloria

The Paper Mama
Sweet Shot Day

This image is also linked to Sepia Saturday

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12 thoughts on “Hey, Look Up There!

  1. Oh, I wonder what they are looking at!

  2. Precious, precious, precious.

  3. This photo has such a beautiful quality. I wonder, too, what catches the attention of both children, even stopping the girl mid-painting?

  4. Fantastic shot of something quite wonderful!

  5. Lovely moment caught in time…

  6. Tattered and Lost on said:

    They’ve got that same look my cat gets when she notices a buggy on the ceiling. Sometimes I’m able to see the bug, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I just think my cat sees ghosts.

  7. It’s interesting how part of the photo appears sepia and yet there are colors in other parts. It’s lovely.

  8. Gorgeous photo capturing innocence and wonder…

  9. A lovely image : infused with meaning – and a great composition.

  10. @ TATTERED & LOST:
    my eldest cat also sees ghosts!!!

    lovely picture here.
    kids are often the best subjects.

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