Shells – “Fragments broken from Heaven’s Walls”

“The sea covers great fields of concealed splendors. Now and then a storm stirs its depths, and washes up a few brilliant shells or pebbles, which shine like fragments broken from heaven’s walls. Yet these few stones or shells are only specimens of millions more—even more brilliant—which are buried in the ocean depths.

Likewise—there come out here and there, in a Christian’s life, in times of special exaltation, glimpses of something rarely beautiful—an act, a word, a self denial, a disposition, the revealing of some noble quality or some marvelous power or measure of love; and we say as we see it, “That is like Christ! That is a gleam of heavenly life! That is a fragment of divinity!”

But that flashing gleam of character, that glimmering of Christ-likeness, that act which seems too pure for earth—is only a hint of the infinite possibilities of each human soul. Hidden in the depths of the nature, under all its faults and imperfections, is a life which far surpasses the highest things which are reached in this world.

The love, joy, peace, unselfishness, purity, holiness, attained in the saintliest experience of earthly Christian life—are but divine intimations of what we shall be when the limiting conditions of earth shall have been left behind.”

J. R Miller -1895

I am grateful for beautiful shells, 
fragments broken from heaven's walls, 
encircling treasures for us today.

Soli Deo Gloria



This week’s theme is “circles”.

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5 thoughts on “Shells – “Fragments broken from Heaven’s Walls”

  1. Very cool and unusual circles (well for this area anyways).

  2. Beautiful shells! Nice captures!

  3. That is a beautiful post, Becky, to complement your lovely photos!

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