Scavenger Hunt

Making Memories






“Is it not unspeakably delightful—to view the Savior in all His offices, and to perceive Him matchless in each—to shift the kaleidoscope , as it were—and to find fresh combinations of His peerless graces?

In the manger—and in eternity;
on the cross—and on His throne;
in the garden—and in His kingdom;
among thieves—or in the midst of cherubim
—He is everywhere—altogether lovely!”

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Soli Deo Gloria


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10 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Wonderful, Becky! I especially love that first picture….sibling harmony and love delights my soul. Blessing of a quote, too. As always, you’re ever pointing to HIM. Much love!

  2. Beautiful work this week – that reflection shot is stunning. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Your memory shot is so good. It is so true how spending time together reading books, playing, and hanging out can create such great memories.

  4. Love all your shots! The reflections photo is my favorite. The colors are amazing and it’s a really beautiful photo.

  5. These are such beautiful captures. I love LOVE doorway and silhouette. AMAZING job.

  6. oh , that reflection shot is beautiful!

  7. Awesome photos. The first one is so sweet!

  8. Amazing reflection shot… and I love the silver one too!!! =)

  9. Love ALL your shots…especially love your take on silver!

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