I Heart Pencils

“As I have journeyed along,I have often wished I had the pencil of a ready drafts-man, that I might bring home a bundle of sketches of landscapes, to revive recollections and render natural scenery permanent to the imagination. When I find that this cannot be, I next wish that one or more of my dear children might acquire a talent of this kind, and be a sort of right hand to fulfill my wishes in that way. Perhaps some day you will be that right hand to me. Loving landscape scenery as I do, my grand object to see God in it; to trace him in every part of his works—to acknowledge his goodness in them, and to collect arguments from them to endear the character of Christ, ‘by whom,’ the Scripture says, ‘all things were made, and without whom was not anything made that was made.’ To this end I wish drawing to be cultivated. I mourn over pride and vanity, and if accomplishments are only acquired to gratify these unholy affections, I should wish them banished. Nay, mere innocent pleasure is not a sufficient motive—the glory of God must be the end and aim of every attainment, or else it is a waste of time, and an abuse of talent. Pencils, paint, Indian ink, and Indian-rubber, may be devoted to the honor of him who bestows the power of combining their respective properties, so as to produce the similitudes of his works.”

Mr. Richmond to one of his children

Soli Deo Gloria

A little foot note:  All the drawings were made by my 14 yo. son.

This week’s color is Grey.

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Pencils and my son’s drawings are some of those simple things that make me smile and give thanks to God from whom all… ALL blessings flow!

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19 thoughts on “I Heart Pencils

  1. I.LOVE.THESE!!!!! Seriously, great shots!!

  2. I really, really love every single one of these! I never knew gray could be so beautiful.

  3. Love the first one and the last one the most!

  4. I love all of the shades of gray. The pic of the “hand” holding the pencil made me smile!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I love your gray!! Your son is a great artist!

  6. Wonderful shots!
    I too thought the drawing ‘holding’ the pencil was very creative.

  7. What a truly wonderful interpretation of grey. I just love it. How talented is your son!!!

  8. That hand drawn shot is too neat!

  9. Wonderful shots. Your son is very talented!

  10. Beautiful shot and an absolutely amazing concept. I love this! You are so talented!

  11. Lovely photos and I especially like the last one.

  12. Beautiful collection of grey. Your son obviously takes after his artistic Mom.

  13. A beautiful way to capture gray! Thanks for linking up with project64

  14. This is simply perfect for the gray challenge. LOVE every single one of these shots!

  15. Great shots! Such creativity!

  16. Wow…lovely shots here.
    What a blessing to have such a creative child.

  17. Wow! These are beautiful. And the one with the hand “holding” the pencil? Genius!

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  19. WOW!!! This is so creative! 🙂

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