Scavenger Hunt


Quotes from John Piper's Book, A Hunger for God (from my journal)



Page 25 (this is a page from a Mexican Food Magazine)

“God is here dealing with us about common daily things; common, daily, and as men would say, carnal duties. He desires Holiness in our common works and words; our eating and drinking; our ploughing, and sowing, and reaping; holiness in the shop, holiness in the market-place; holiness in each room of the house; in journeying and in resting, in buying and selling; holiness in the railway carriage, and upon the highway; holiness in our reading, our conversation, and our letter-writing; holiness in our business, and our recreation; holiness in our mirth, in our feasts, in our ordinary communion. All our common works so done that God shall be glorified in them.”Ā Ā  (source)


Soli Deo Gloria



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18 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Stunning! Beautiful! Inspiring! Thank you, Becky, for blessing my day with the gifts God has given you and with edifying words. Love and hugs!

  2. Window and activity turned out wonderful!

  3. I love your window shot šŸ˜€

  4. Your fantastic activity shot had me curious on Mr Linky so I had to pop over and see the rest. I really like how you interpreted the window prompt and thankyou so much for letting me have a little peep inside your journal. Oh I can so relate to those words this week – I have been in the word so much this week and it’s been so good.

  5. Great interpretations. Love your window shot!

  6. Love your window and activity shots!!

  7. I love the perspective of your activity picture!

  8. These are all so beautiful! I esp love the activity shot!

  9. I adore that window shot!!
    I am hosting another challenge & would LOVE if you stopped by šŸ™‚
    ~Angel @

  10. Love all these shots, especially quote and activity

  11. Great interpretations! LOVE your activity shot…looks like so much fun! šŸ™‚

  12. Your activity makes me want summer. Really bad!

  13. Oh wow – these are incredible. Love your quote shot and activity is amazing.

  14. I need to pick my jaw up off the floor from that activity shot! Amazing!

  15. Very cool activity shot!

  16. Great shots… especially love your activity and window shots!

  17. the window and activity shots are GREAT!!

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