Apricot and Chocolate, The Perfect Combination

You will need some dried apricots, chocolate (dark and very good quality, please), the best, best, best chocolate for this recipe is Lindt with a touch of salt, believe me! and a nice fresh baguette. (If you don’t use this chocolate, be sure to add some salt to your sandwich)

Grill your sandwich and enjoy with your husband, children, or friends this weekend!

This third shot is my favorite and is the one “playing” at Project 64 this week.

I can truly say that I enjoyed this week’s color !

Soli Deo Gloria

project64 button

Original Sandwich  idea here.

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14 thoughts on “Apricot and Chocolate, The Perfect Combination

  1. How about grilled with Nutella?
    I just came form your other blog and meant to tell you that I enjoyed your reading list!
    Love and blessings!

  2. Petra, I guess you and my daughter have the same likes… I rather have the salty chocolate!

    Love you, my friend!

  3. Yummy! great pictures the color combo is beautiful they are making me hungry.

  4. I would have never of thought of this as a combo, but I say it does look good! Thanks for linking up with project64!

  5. Your third shot is yummy looking!
    I love the first shot as well.

  6. Yuuummmm…makes me hungry. I’m got to grab a chocolate after posting this comment. 🙂

  7. yum! I would have never thought of pairing the 2 together! Great photos!

  8. That looks amazing and the photos are gorgeous!

  9. Beautiful photos, you’ve made me hungry!

  10. Oh.my. This looks delish! Definitely on my “to try” list!

  11. I never heard of this before….it looks amazing. Great take…and congrats on your win from last week. Your drawing pencil photos were really well done.

  12. Oh this looks delicious! And a great capture of apricot.

  13. This looks delicious and great for this challenge! Have you ever tried Nutella and Banana French Toast? I made it on the weekend (recipe on my blog if you are interested) and your picture reminded me of it. Great shots and I can’t wait to try your recipe. 🙂

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