Proverbs 22: 6

The Advantages of Early Religion

by Isaac Watts


Happy the child whose youngest years

Receive instruction well;

Who hates the sinner’s path, and fears

The road that leads to Hell.


When we devote our youth to God,

‘Tis pleasing in his eyes;

A flower, when offer’d in the bud,

Is no vain sacrifice.


‘Tis easier work if we begin

To fear the Lord betimes;

While sinners, that grow old in sin,

Are harden’d in their crimes.


‘Twill save us from a thousand snares

To mind religion young;

Grace will preserve our following years,

And make our virtues strong.


To thee, Almighty God, to thee

Our childhood we resign;

‘Twill please us to look back and see

That our whole lives were thine.


Let the sweet work prayer and praise

Employ my youngest breath;

Thus I’m prepared for longer days

Or fit for early death.

Soli Deo Gloria

Source: Divine and Moral Songs for Children by Isaac Watts



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9 thoughts on “Proverbs 22: 6

  1. This verse is one that has been forever etched in my mind. You did a beautiful way of illustrating it. Joining you at Katie’s today.

  2. I love this post! The verse, photo and poem. Excellent capture!

  3. That’s beautiful. Verse and photo. . . great match!

  4. Love this verse! What an awesome ministry God has given us to our children!

  5. Powerful photo and verse combination!! That verse has always been one that I cherished as my children were growing up.

  6. Love this!! Well done and what a beautiful child!

  7. Love it. Just perfect. Thanks for sharing those words from Watts.


  8. Everything And Everywhere on said:

    Amen! This is a great verse. Beautiful picture. God bless!

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