These boxes are called “Guacales” in Spanish, and you can find them in the markets in Latin America holding fruits and vegetables.

I added some simple texture to the picture above… I think I liked the result very much; do you?


“Sometimes, when we feel cold and lifeless, and supplications languish on our tongues, a prelude of praise will awaken the heart’s inmost music, and move it to pour forth its tenderest melody. We are too prone to take our daily blessings and mercies as rights, instead of receiving them as undeserved gifts of “free grace and dying love,” and then returning to our gracious God the full measure of loving gratitude of which our poor hearts are capable. If, in looking back but a day, we fail to count the loving-kindnesses with which its minutes have been laden, how must the retrospect of a lifetime overwhelm us with its weight of indebtedness to the Lord, and also, alas! with a sense of our guilty unmindfulness of “all His benefits!”                                                                                          Susannah Spurgeon

Soli Deo Gloria

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One thought on ““Guacales”

  1. love it! Thanks for linking up!

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