Scavenger Hunt

Capture the Sky

Everyday... memorizing the Scriptures

Furry... My Son and our Saint Bernard



“Every Christian family ought to be, as it were,
a little church consecrated to Christ, and wholly
influenced and governed by His rules.”
Jonathan Edwards


Soli Deo Gloria


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9 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Some wonderful photos. Furry is absolutely fantastic and I love your interpretation of everyday and life they are just absolutely perfect for the prompts!

  2. Great shots – loved blurred and Furry 😀 So cute!

  3. What great finds – I love your furry and life shots!

  4. Your furry shot is so sweet! Love it!

  5. Really wonderful photos! I love the furry paw and the life photo.

  6. Each one of these photos is a work of art.
    I have been trying to take a good tree photo where the contrast, color and angle balance perfectly. Just like yours.
    Your “Everyday” photo is beautiful, “Furry” is awesome (I stopped to stare for a while to try to wrap my head around the SIZE of that paw!) Your interpretation of “Life” is my very favorite (it’s absolutely breathtaking) and “Blurred” is a work of art.

  7. Love the furry shot!! and the new life…

  8. Love all your shots! The “furry” one is so cute!

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