White on White

This week we are capturing white at Project 64; the first image on this series is the one playing.

“We should not forget, that no one ever did anything of great value in this world—without cost. A quaint old proverb says, “One cannot have an omelet—without breaking eggs!” If we would do anything really worth while, that will be a blessing in the world—we must put into it, not merely . . .
easy efforts,
languid sympathies,
conventional good wishes, and
courtesies that cost nothing!

We must put into it . . .
sleepless nights,
exhausting toil.”

J.R. Miller (1902)

Soli Deo Gloria

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18 thoughts on “White on White

  1. Wow! Becky, this is so lovely. Who would have thought eggs could look so good? 🙂
    Great job with the quote, too, my fellow quote-aholic. Love it!

  2. Beautiful and so delicate.

  3. Lovely white on white and great quotes! Thanks for linking up with project 64

  4. Awesome job with the white on white.

  5. Side by Side on said:

    Gorgeous eggs. Yours even come in a cool container.
    Lovely capture of white for P64

  6. Thank you for commenting on my White entry. :o)

    Love your eggs on white shot! So graceful and delicate!

  7. great photos,

    Visiting from The Simple Things, thanks for sharing

  8. Gorgeous! It’s like they are just waiting to be decorated for Easter!

  9. Really really pretty!

  10. You really achieved the white on white – nice job!
    I did eggs too. 🙂
    I like the see through container.

  11. So beautiful, so delicate and fresh.

  12. Great white on white, would be nice picture on white wall in the kitchen:)

  13. What beautiful pictures of “eggs.”

  14. beautiful white on white –
    I’d frame that print & hang it in an all white kitchen –
    great job

  15. WOW! What a gorgeous take on an everyday food item. I love this!

  16. Your eggs look positively ethereal! Nicely done.

  17. Amazing!!! I thought the 1st 2 images were white balloons then when I seen the eggs on the 3rd one I had to look back! LOL! This is simply beautiful! Your work is such an inspiration! 🙂

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