Philippians 2: 1-2

Each one of us should so live—as to make music in this world. This we can do by simple, cheerful obedience. He who does God’s will faithfully each day, makes his life a song. The music is peace. It has no jarring dissonance, no anxieties or worries, no rebellions or doubts.

But we must make music also in relation to others. We do not live alone; we live with others, in families, in friendship’s circles, in communities. It is one thing for a singer to sing solos, and to sing sweetly, sincerely in perfect time, in harmonious proportion; and quite another thing for several people to sing together, in choir or chorus, and their voices all to blend in harmony. It is necessary in this latter case that they should all have the same key and that they should sing carefully, each listening to the others and controlling or repressing or restraining his own voice for the sake of the effect of the whole full music. If one sings independently, out of tune, or out of time—he mars the harmony of the chorus. If one sings without regard to the other voices, only for the display of his own—his part is out of proportion and the effect is discord.”

J.R. Miller, Making Life a Song

Soli Deo Gloria




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7 thoughts on “Philippians 2: 1-2

  1. This is so beautiful and true!! I love that those flowers/leaves are the shape of hearts!

  2. gorgeous bokeh in this picture and beautiful verse. This is how we should strive to live as Christians! Beautiful!

  3. Oh, my… I love this!
    Thank you!

  4. love the heart shaped leaves.

  5. Wow! Look at those heart-shaped leaves!! Isn’t God fun how He places things like that in nature for us to enjoy and to bring a smile to our faces? A great verse to accompany the photo too!

  6. Oh, there are so many applications for this verse! Oh, for grace to apply at least some of them well. Stopping by for Scripture and Snapshot. blessings on your day.

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