Scavenger Hunt

Vanishing Point

Under... the Earth (Caverns in Mexico)

Square Crop

Welcome to the Jungle


We should also fix it deeply in our minds, that there is something really noble in Christian self-control. It is not everyone that has strength enough of good principle to rise above the customs of an ungodly world, and bear reproaches with serene and uncomplaining dignity. Rarely can we find such an illustration of real, genuine magnanimity. We have seen it somewhere strikingly said, that it is easier to be a martyr, than to gain the victory over a bad temper! This is strong language, but perhaps no stronger than truth will justify. To be calm in the midst of tumult, to keep cool when suffering provocation, and to repress anger rather than give it vent, is a surer evidence of sound religious principle than to mount the scaffold or embrace the stake!”

David Magie, Published by the American Tract Society in 1855. (read the whole article on self-control here)

Soli Deo Gloria



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13 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. A great vanishing point! I love the colors in that.
    Caverns were a super choice for under.
    Love your interpretation of jungle.

  2. Great shots! I love your square one and the jungle – how perfect!!!

  3. WOW- those are all so amazing!

  4. They are all beautiful – you have such a beautiful style!

  5. Wow! What great shots! I enjoyed them all!

  6. These are all really great – I love that last shot. I also really like your square crop. Incredible job.

  7. Welcome to the jungle, and calm are great! Love them !

  8. These are all fabulous, I love your jungle and calm!

  9. That last shot is breathtaking, I want to be there! And I like what you had to say about Christian self-control.

  10. What a cool take on jungle!! Great shots 🙂

  11. Lovely photos! Self-control..hmmm…a fruit I really need to develop!

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