Sisters are the Best Friends

This makes me happy, to see my daughters loving and enjoying each other with such tender love!

Vaux, France 2010

“In every home where there are brothers and sisters, there is a field which needs only wise, patient culture—to yield life’s richest and loveliest things. Are we cultivating this field or is it lying neglected, covered, perhaps, with weeds and thorns, while we are spending all our strength in trying to make harvests grow on some bare, rocky hillside?…

Friendships in the family require care and culture—as do other friendships. We must win one another’s love inside the home doors just as we win the love of outside friends. We must prove ourselves worthy; we must show ourselves unselfish, self forgetful, thoughtful, and kind, tender, patient, helpful. Then when we have won each other we must keep the treasure of affection and confidence, just as we do in the case of friends not in the sacred circle of home.”

J.R. Miller , 1882 (source)

Soli Deo Gloria

This week’s color is plum.

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13 thoughts on “Sisters are the Best Friends

  1. YES! YES! These relationships require care and culture….I often get discouraged because it’s so much work, and I think, “Am I the only one?” Thank you for these encouraging words that remind me I’m on the right track and that good relationships among are children do require much attention.

    This picture of your daughters is so precious, Becky! Love it! Love you!

  2. Beautiful pictures, sisters, and you! And very meaningful quote! Love and blessings!

  3. Oh Becky, this wonderful photo has just made me smile and smile, it is simply beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. God bless you and your beautiful daughters x

  4. You can see the love between them! A tender moment captured beautifully!
    A perfect plum beret!

  5. What a wonderful photo…..the color is perfect, but the look between the girls is priceless!


  6. Having two daughters of my own, I love this photo and quotation. Beautiful shot. And I’m sure they are this sweet all the time, right? 😉

  7. Sweet! I love the colors in this!

  8. A sweet photo, beautiful backdrop and meaningful words. A great plum photo, thank you for sharing and reminding us about family friendship and love!

  9. Side by Side on said:

    What a lovely picture and quote.
    I have two girls also, I hope they are friends always.

  10. Becky, I need to point my three little girls 15, 13, and 11 to the quote you attached to the picture. They are friends, I want them to be the dearest of friends to Glory of God.

  11. Actually, I would like to borrow the quote.

  12. Scott, please, by all means, go ahead and use it… those are not my words! 🙂

    May God bless your girls!

  13. This is such a precious sister image! I adore everything about it! They are beautiful! Excellent plum colored image! 🙂

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