Prayer, the Breath of Life

This week the color at Project 64 Colors is burnt sienna; and I am very happy with my find: The pollen in this gorgeous flowers. (the first image is the one playing along)

Perfume is the breath of flowers, the sweetest expression of their inmost being, an exhalation of their very life. It is a sign of perfect purity, health and vigor; it is a symptom of full and joyous existence—for disease and decay and death yield, not pleasant—but revolting odors—and, as such, fragrance is in nature, what prayer is in the human world. Prayer is the breath of life, the expression of the soul’s best, holiest and heavenliest aspirations, the sign and token of its spiritual health. The natural counterparts of the prayers that rise from the closet and the sanctuary, are to be found in the fragrant breathings, sweetening all the air, from gardens of flowers, from clover-crofts or thymy hillsides or shady pine woods, and which seem to be grateful, unconscious acknowledgments from the heart of Nature—for the timely blessings of the great world-covenant, dew to refresh and sunshine to quicken.” MacMillan (quoted by J.R. Miller)

Soli Deo Gloria


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7 thoughts on “Prayer, the Breath of Life

  1. Beautiful photos! Perfect color match too.

  2. These are beautiful! I love lillies, mine are just starting to sprout! Congrats on being our fave and thanks for your continued participation!

  3. Side by Side on said:

    Congratulations on your gorgeous capture last week.
    Your macro of the lilies is spectacular.

  4. I think we all are happy with your find! Love the first photo.

  5. I love this find!! Really good eye on this one!

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