True Sea of Bliss

Aquarium in Vancouer

Aquarium in Vancouver

Aquarium in Vancouver

Aquarium in Vancouver

Sea of bliss, ocean of delight!

From Spurgeon’s sermon, “God in the Covenant”

Come, soul, is there not enough here to delight you?
Put this promise to your lips; did you ever drink wine
one-half so sweet as this- “I will be their God?”

Did ever harp or violin sound half so sweetly as this-
“I will be their God?”

Not all the music blown from sweet instruments,
or drawn from living strings, could ever give such melody
as this sweet promise- “I will be their God.”

Oh! here is a very sea of bliss, a very ocean of delight!
Come, bathe your spirit in it!

You may swim, aye, to eternity, and never find a shore!

You may dive to the very infinite and never find the bottom!

“I will be their God.”
Oh! if this does not make your eyes sparkle,
if this does not make your foot dance for joy,
and your heart beat high with bliss,
then assuredly your soul is not in a healthy state.

Soli Deo Gloria

The first picture on this series is playing over at Project 64. 
This week's color is Cerulean

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9 thoughts on “True Sea of Bliss

  1. Stunning photos! Thanks for linking up!
    Kendall @ P64

  2. your shots totally capture cerulean – I have something similar in my archives!

  3. Oh I love taking pictures of jellyfish! These are simply stunning! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I was there this past week too–we spent Mother’s Day at the Vancouver Aquarium. I tried to get a great picture of the jellyfish but couldn’t get away from the reflection of the lights in the glass. Good job!

  5. These shots absolutely take my breathe away….they are just stunning. Really are. I just love them. Predicting you win!

  6. These are gorgeous, Becky.

    God’s creativity is amazing. I’ll have to show these pictures to my daughter, the budding biologist.

  7. Just stunning! Thanks for joining us at P64 Shana

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