Stones of Diverse Paths

“The royal path to glory is a divine mosaic paved with stones of diverse lines. Today, it is a depth almost soundless; tomorrow, a height almost scaleless. Now, a shadow drapes the picture, somber and rayless; then, a light illumines the camera, brilliant and gladsome. Here, the “song” is of mercy, sweet and entrancing; there, it is of judgement, sad and mournful. “When men are cast down, then you shall say, There is lifting up.” But, a divine Hand, veiled and invisible to all but faith’s eye, shapes and directs the whole; and, assured of this, the believing soul is trustful and calm.”         Octavius Winslow


Soli Deo Gloria


This week's color is Timberwolf. 
And it is the first picture on this post the one playing.

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12 thoughts on “Stones of Diverse Paths

  1. What a great photo, I’m still trying to decide what to photograph 🙂

  2. lovely stack of rocks!

  3. Gorgeous. This photos somehow bring me peace.

  4. What a lovely shot!

  5. Just lovely!
    Excellent capture for this week.

  6. A really, really lovely photo. Great find for Timberwolf.

  7. I love these. Simple yet beautiful.

  8. I agree with Danelle. The simplicity of the stone’s composition is lovely, and the prose is equally beautiful.

  9. I love this! Love the composition and I agree with Bel, the photo does elicit peace.

  10. Love it! Perfect match and perfect picture! So creative! Well done!

  11. I think this is definitely my favorite photo for last week’s color – awesome job!

  12. Very subtle and nicely backed up by the words you selected.
    So many shades of grey.
    Never realized that a wolf was linked to a colour name.

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