Bubble Gum, Smiles and Fire

This week’s color over at P64 is goldenrod; I knew it was going to be a fun color to capture and I was right.

Who knew smiles were sold in a bubble gum dispenser?

Super hot bubble gum? Not my kind, really.

Now,  this is definitely my favorite shot in the series:

May you have a bright weekend, filled with smiles and fire in your marriage! 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria

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5 thoughts on “Bubble Gum, Smiles and Fire

  1. Love this find! How fun and creative! Also I’d love to know where this machine was and if you felt like a nerd taking pictures of it (did people stare haha) I think I would be too shy to take this, but I adore it!

  2. What a fun find for the day! And I can just imagine you taking pics of it in front of everyone. 🙂

  3. I LOVE this!!!! So fun and a perfect match, the last one is my favorite…I think…they are all so fun and wonderful! Thanks for linking up!

  4. How awesome is this, so creative! The composition of the last shot is perfect in my opinion. Love it!!!!

  5. Cat,I found this machine in a park close to our home! And yes, I had to take courage to take this pic! And yes, every one was staring at me 🙂 but I always have the perfect answer to those looks… After smiling back to them I say, “I am learning how to be a good photographer and this is my week’s assignment” 🙂

    Thanks to you all for your kind comments!

    Now let’s look for RED!

    Happy shooting!

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