Spiritual Joys are a Christian’s Festival

“Spiritual joys help to make us BETTER; worldly
joys often make us worse. “I spoke unto you in
your prosperity; but you said—I will not hear.”
Pride and luxury are the two worms which
are bred from worldly pleasures.

But spiritual joy is cordial medicine, which
not only comforts, but purifies—
it makes a Christian more holy;
it causes an antipathy against sin;
it infuses strength to live and suffer for Christ.
Some colors not only delight the eye—but
strengthen the sight. Just so, the joys of God
not only refresh the soul—but strengthen it.
“The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Spiritual joys are SWEETER than worldly joys.
“Your love is sweeter than wine!” Spiritual joys are
a Christian’s festival; they are the golden pot, and
the sweet manna. They are so sweet, that they make
everything else sweet! Spiritual joys sweeten health
and estate, as sweet water poured on flowers makes
them more fragrant and aromatic. Divine joys are so
delicious and ravishing, that they put our mouth out
of taste for earthly delights; just as he who has been
drinking cordials, tastes little sweetness in water.
Paul had so tasted these divine joys, that his mouth
was out of taste for worldly things. The world was
crucified to him—it was like a dead thing, he could
find no sweetness in it.

Thomas Watson


Soli Deo Gloria


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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Joys are a Christian’s Festival

  1. Very nice gold capture! Way to think out of the box! Lovely!

  2. Becky, this is such a lovely shot. The red lights in the background lead the eye right down to the warm, golden color in the glass. Your prose is perfect with it. Nicely done all around! 🙂

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