38/100 Days of Books -A Son to Me-

1 and 2 Samuel a Commentary

Some of you already know that my favorite kind of devotionals are expository commentaries. You can get so much from digging deep into the Scriptures, from understanding the verses in context, and from reading slowly and carefully chapter after chapter, and verse after verse in your Bible.

These quotes come from the commentary on Samuel by Peter J. Leithart, A Son to Me: An Exposition of 1 & 2 Samuel; the book I am studying now.

“Every prayer is like the prayer of Hannah: powerless creatures confessing their powerlessness by turning to the Lord and Giver of all life and all good.”
“Every leader sins. But those leaders who refuse to accept responsibility for sin and turn from it will find that they have nothing left to lead.”

“Rebellion put Saul on the road to divination.”

“Frequently the desires of the children are formed by the desires of the parents.”
“Jonathan…provides a dramatic example of a godly man who resisted envy and the violence that accompanies it.”

“David’s heroism was not like the heroism of Achilles or an Odysseus. David did not fight because his honor had been violated, but to vindicate the honor of the Lord.”

“David’s desire for reconciliation did not, however, allow him to stay in the safety of the cave. His love for his enemy was active and bold. Perfect love casts out fear.”

Soli Deo Gloria

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2 thoughts on “38/100 Days of Books -A Son to Me-

  1. Commentaries are great devotional reading! Have you tried James Boice? My husband teaches Bible at a Christian school and uses them all the time. I love listening in when he recaps his lessons that day with our own boys.

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