48/100 Days of Books -A Devotional for Children Based on Proverbs

My girl and I are loving Peter Leithart’s book, Wise Words: Family Lessons that bring the Proverbs to life. In this book, Leithart shares 18 beautiful bedtime stories that illustrate important life lessons from Proverbs “in a manner sure to delight readers of all ages, especially those in their jammies.”

“Joseph waited again for the crowd to become quiet. ‘This is not what you expected, I know. But she is indeed the wisest and most royal creature in the world. She will be my counselor, my friend, my love, the mother of the kings who shall come after me. With her at my side, I shall become the wisest, most just king on earth. Sophia shall be the symbol of my reign.'”

Soli Deo Gloria

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