65/100 Days of Books -Ocean Breeze and my Book-


“We have been given a sense of the beautiful which can be regarded as gratuitous. Which it is- a gift of pure grace… God was the first Quilter of prairies, the primal Painter (night skies, ferns, thunderheads, snow on cedars), the archetypal metal Sculptor (mountain ranges, icebergs), the Composer who heard the whales’ strange, sonorous clickings and songs in his head long before there were whales to sound them, the Playwright who plotted the sweeping drama of Creation, Incarnation, Redemption, the Poet whose Word said it all.” Luci Shaw


Soli Deo Gloria

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One thought on “65/100 Days of Books -Ocean Breeze and my Book-

  1. Please don’t stop after 100 days! Your pictures give me a moment of peace each evening.

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