85/100 Days of Books -A Christmas Carol-




“We celebrate Christmas because we cannot eradicate from our consciousness our profound awareness of the difference between the sacred and the profane. Man, in the generic sense, has an incurable propensity for marking sacred space and sacred time. When God appeared to Moses in the burning bush, the ground that was previously common suddenly became uncommon. It was now holy ground – sacred space. When Jacob awoke from his midnight vision of the presence of God, he anointed with oil the rock upon which he had rested his head. It was sacred space.

When God touches earth, the place is holy. When God appears in history, the time is holy. There was never a more holy place than the city of Bethlehem, where the Word became flesh. There was never a more holy time than Christmas morning when Emmanuel was born. Christmas is a holiday. It is the holiest of holy days. We must heed the warning of Jacob Marley: “Don’t be a Scrooge” at Christmas.”

R.C. Sproul, Marley and His Message to Scrooge

Soli Deo Gloria

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2 thoughts on “85/100 Days of Books -A Christmas Carol-

  1. I LOVE this, Becky!!! Thank you so much for this blessing! And the pictures…so, so lovely. xo

  2. This is wonderful! Love the snow! Wonder if you all will see any real snow this winter? We are hoping for a lot of it in Minnesota.

    Generosity …contemplating the quote and so far my lack of Christmas shopping. Visiting a dear Christian couple in Mississippi this week — maybe some gift buying or at least list making will commence!

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