Un Verano en la Mesa

Summer is here and I have decided to take my camera and start a new photography project. So here it is: Summer Around the Table. I am sure it will be fun, and certainly delicious.


“Take the healthy-eating approach first. Cereal-box reading matter to the contrary notwithstanding, breakfast is not simply a pit stop for the refueling of the body. Rather, like all meals, it should feed soul and spirit as well. It should be a time for enjoyable food — not nutritional uplift, spa regimen or the devotional exercises of the religion of dieting. It must, in short be a convivium, a celebration of the joy of eating — in the company of others, if at all possible. People invariably (and sensibly) take such breakfasts when on vacation; they neglect them to their peril when they throw down mean food while meandering one-footedly in grim silence. Nutrition is as valid a subject in human experience as the gassing up of the car is in the driving experience. But it is only that valid. It is not the be-all and end-all of the exercise. Standing at the fuel pump is not interesting enough to provide a reason for taking the car out of the garage. Nutrition has begun to have a whip hand over breakfast.” Robert Farrar Capon



Soli Deo Gloria

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2 thoughts on “Un Verano en la Mesa

  1. Very sculptural photos Becky! I really like these.

  2. Beautiful colors ,God bless you !!!

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